Seasonal Changes…

Hey Compass fans,

The changing of seasons is in full swing! Protect your unneeded items during the cooler months and make sure your belongings are out of the weather this winter.

Check out our sizing and pricing guide to see what option fits your needs best. A storage calculator can help you decide how much space will be necessary to store your belongings.

Compass Self Storage offers climate controlled units, as well as traditional units, in order to help better secure your items in the hotter & cooler months.

Check out a Compass near you for additional help🙂

The Compass Team


How a Bloody Strike Led to Labor Day…

Happy Labor Day, Compass fans!

Have you ever wondered how Labor Day became a holiday that we celebrate? Well, I got curious and did some digging…

In 1894, on the first Monday of September, Labor Day was first recognized as a national holiday. It was actually seen as a peace offering by President Grover Cleveland for the deaths of a dozen striking railroad workers.

In Pullman, Illinois, the town was doing well until the economic depression hit and the founder of the railroad sleeper car (George Pullman) cut the railroad worker’s wages- prompting them to go on strike. In a show of solidarity, about 150,000 members of the American Railway Union refused to work on the trains. The strike caused a HUGE transportation nightmare…

President Cleveland viewed the first labor movement milestone as a federal crime, and sent in the military to end it….in between the riots and arson, many people were killed. When the strike came to an abrupt end, the workers promised to never unionize and the President’s popularity suffered. In an attempt to boost himself up in election year (and a small peace offering), President Cleveland made Labor Day a national holiday.

WOW! It’s crazy to see how past events affect our present…nowadays Labor Day has more to do with retailers than actual labor leaders…

The Compass Team

108 int rv storage

Let’s go RV Shopping!

Hey Compass fans,

Now that the fall is here, a lot of awesome vacations are in store! People travel from all over to different areas to watch the leaves turn, find pumpkin patches & corn mazes, and have new adventures now that the weather is cooling off.

Some of the best trips are taken when you can load everything up and eat, sleep, and drive all in one…..RV travel! The appeal of an RV is the ease of taking a trip… can have virtually everything you need and tour across the USA if you chose. The latest trend is “vintage RVs”- which look totally cool!


RV owners have campgrounds all over they are able to travel to and stay at, meeting a whole community of fellow RV enthusiasts, and have a whole network of new people they can meet and befriend. An RV is meant to be used and enjoyed. That typically means putting miles on the road as you see the country whether it be the beauty of our national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone or heading south as a snowbird.

That being said, one of the most important decisions when buying an RV is deciding where you can store it. Many Home Owners Associations will not allow boats/RVs parked in the driveway or the grass, and many owners face the dilemma of where to store their beautiful, expensive toys….

Enter in the Compass Storage team! Many of our locations nationwide offer premium RV storage, whether it’s an outdoor parking space, a covered space, or an indoor space. Our location in The Villages, FL is one of our newest sites and has interior storage for RVs and that community is filled with them! We love being able to provide a clean, safe, & secure location for our tenants to store their goods.

Be sure to check a Compass Self Storage near you for your RV storage needs, our team is waiting for your call🙂

The Compass Team


September, September..

Hey Compass fans,

It’s a brand new month- September! For some people, this marks the start of the fall season. Crisp air, changing leaves, scarf weather, pumpkin spice everything…..a lot of things change!

For the Compass team, the start of fall marks the beginning of event season! We are always jam-packed with fun and informative events- from Remodeling Shows to Autumn Festivals, we are always in the field. We have our teams prepped and waiting to rent storage units to the wonderful people we meet at these events, and the others that have been referred to us.

Compass Self Storage is the spot to stash your stuff- all your summer toys, extra furniture or decor, seasonal items, mementos, anything you can think of (NO FOOD OR PETS- please see our post on what NOT to store). We have locations in nationwide- Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Texas! Be sure to look up a Compass near you to make your self storage experience the easiest one imaginable.

Check us out at for more info!

Cheers & happy storing!🙂
The Compass Team


The leaves are almost falling…

Hey Compass fans,

It’s coming upon the time we dread….when summer ends😦
Fortunately, that’s when FALL begins- the season of pumpkin spice, a nip in the air, leaves changing colors, school starting, and sooo much more!

It’s time to start thinking of where you’re going to put all your summer beach toys and new items you’ve collected to help make your summer awesome. You don’t want to clutter your garage or patio, and the HOA won’t allow you to park your boat or RV in your own grass/driveway….what are you going to do??

Come visit the team at Compass Self Storage– We have 70 self storage locations nationwide and to be blunt- we make it easier for you. We know moving is stressful and can suck, the same with getting packing supplies to wrap all your items, finding and loading a moving truck, the whole process can be a bit of a bummer. That’s where we step in: we have moving & packing supplies, we have U-Haul & Penske trucks to rent, and we provide you with a clean & secure spot to store your goods. 

Be sure to give us a call to help make your storage experience a relaxed one- enjoy the rest of your summer knowing you have your items safely stored with us🙂

The Compass Team

How to pack a storage unit…

Hello organization enthusiasts!

We found an article that may seem pretty basic…packing a storage unit, what’s so hard about that?! But then that’s when you realize you’ve packed something you need waaaaay in the back, under and behind all those boxes….ouch.


The article basically outlines what we tell our customers:

  • Our ceilings range from 8-12 feet high, so don’t be afraid to stack vertically! (Make sure to place the heavy boxes on the bottom!
  • Leave a walk way for yourself to be able to get around/to the back of your unit…that way you’re not shoving and moving bins to get to the one you want.
  • Uses boxes/bins that are uniform and orderly and DON’T FORGET TO LABEL! Nothing is worse than searching for your holiday decorations and you keep finding boxes of grandma’s clothes she simply can’t do without!
  • Use covers! You may think you don’t need them, but all Compass Self Storage centers offer A TON of merchandise…from boxes to mattress covers, sofa covers, wardrobe boxes…believe me…you’ll thank us when you go to unload your mattress and it’s not filled with dust and your couch doesn’t have debri from your other boxes all over it!

All in all, make sure you pack your storage unit so that it is easily accessible by you and you’re not rooting around for hours searching for the unmarked box waaaay in the back (when it’s hiding right by the door the whole time)!😉

Be sure to call or visit a Compass near you for awesome merch to protect your stuff & for great storage specials! Visit for a full list of all 70 of our stores!

Store it if you got it & have a good one!

The Compass Team