How to pack a storage unit…

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We found an article that may seem pretty basic…packing a storage unit, what’s so hard about that?! But then that’s when you realize you’ve packed something you need waaaaay in the back, under and behind all those boxes….ouch.


The article basically outlines what we tell our customers:

  • Our ceilings range from 8-12 feet high, so don’t be afraid to stack vertically! (Make sure to place the heavy boxes on the bottom!
  • Leave a walk way for yourself to be able to get around/to the back of your unit…that way you’re not shoving and moving bins to get to the one you want.
  • Uses boxes/bins that are uniform and orderly and DON’T FORGET TO LABEL! Nothing is worse than searching for your holiday decorations and you keep finding boxes of grandma’s clothes she simply can’t do without!
  • Use covers! You may think you don’t need them, but all Compass Self Storage centers offer A TON of merchandise…from boxes to mattress covers, sofa covers, wardrobe boxes…believe me…you’ll thank us when you go to unload your mattress and it’s not filled with dust and your couch doesn’t have debri from your other boxes all over it!

All in all, make sure you pack your storage unit so that it is easily accessible by you and you’re not rooting around for hours searching for the unmarked box waaaay in the back (when it’s hiding right by the door the whole time)!😉

Be sure to call or visit a Compass near you for awesome merch to protect your stuff & for great storage specials! Visit for a full list of all 70 of our stores!

Store it if you got it & have a good one!

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The History of Compass…

Good afternoon all!

A lot of customers ask us about when Compass began, being that we are not a widely-recognized name….yet!

Todd Amsdell is the President of Compass Self Storage and one amazing boss! Even though we have 57 self storage sites nationally, the Amsdell family never forgets to send out a birthday card, a Congrats card/email when we are hitting our targets, and stops by ALL of the sites a few times a year! Compass feels like one huge family, spread out across the nation. We have a company chat room that all of our managers can interact with each other, from FL to RI, from TX to TN.

Compass Self Storage LLC and its affiliates are proud members of the Amsdell family of companies (Amsdell Companies) headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Amsdell draws their roots from the family owned construction company founded in 1928 and has since been active in several billions of dollars worth of real estate ventures with a primary focus on self storage. As industry pioneers, Amsdell has owned and operated over 500 storage centers under various trade names in over 27 states. With over 80 years of doing business, the Amsdell team has extensive experience in property acquisition, construction and property management.

The Amsdell family has chosen a charity to support, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and they have been supporters since the 1990’s. We partner with the LLS by having donation boxes in our offices, as well as when we attend events. Compass and our managers get involved by asking for any amount donation (we offer a special storage discount) & we raise money all year to participate in the main event- The Light The Night Walk. Our mission is to help raise awareness & fund research efforts, in the hope that we can battle these blood cancers. All of our self storage facilities have a designated Charity Unit, that we collect items in great shape from vacating tenants, and we auction off when it’s that time of the month for us toCompass auctions. The unit is bid on and the money from the sale goes to Charity Storage- a foundation that donates the money to Kure It Cancer- a kid’s cancer charity and a charity of our choice- the LLS.
So far for 2015, Compass has raised $9,295.81! Our goal is to raise even more by the end of the year.
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Compass was created to keep the small mom&pop atmosphere alive and well, in this time of corporate takeover. Our tenants are proof enough that they like the way we operate…. We try our best to make the self storage experience a quick & easy process by having knowledgeable managers, a full line of moving & packing supplies, and clean, secure facilities. We also have truck carriers: U-Haul, Penske, & Budget, so if you need supplies & wheels–> Come to Compass Self Storage, where we make it easier…🙂



Calling all college kids at UCF

Heading back to school? Switching dorms or apartments and need a spot to stash your stuff? Compass Self Storage on E.Colonial & Alafaya (near Avalon Park) has got your back!
We run student specials all the time and also have a huge line of moving & packing supplies to help you box your items and move them safely. Compass rents U-Haul trucks/vans in case you realize that you have sooooo much more stuff than you came with…

Check out our website or call our managers- Don & Stephanie for help!

We also have a Compass Storage in Oviedo, if you live more that way! We’re right off of SR 426, near Aloma Ave. Stop by and say hey to Priscilla and Marlana- they’ll hook you up🙂

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Need Freedom From Clutter?

Hey non-hoarders!
Do you have a garage that offers no extra room for your new toys? How about a house that feels stuffy & cluttered?

Come to Compass, where our storage units offer you a sense of freedom! Rid your home of all the extra mess & get ready for a spring of clean living! Let’s get into motion, even before spring cleaning starts, and get the ball rolling- or should I say storing??😉

Check out our Pinterest for some Organization & Spring Cleaning Hacks!

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Keeping Up With Compass!

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You can keep up with the Compass team as we take part in fun community events, open new storage facilities, do fun things for charity, and get fun tips & stories from our social media pages (as well as this lovely blog)🙂

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Pack Your Unit With Ease…

Hey Compass fans,

One of the best ways to make your storage experience convenient and enjoyable is to plan ahead when packing your storage space.

Here are few helpful tips to consider.

1. Keep a detailed list of all items – You should know exactly which items are going to be stored and keep a list so that you can refer to it whenever you need something.

2. Consider using protective covering – Depending on the climate you may want to lay down moisture absorbers, a tarp, or other protective fabrics both on the floor and around valuable items.

3. Make sure you you can access items out of reach – Keep a fold-up step ladder in your storage unit so that you can easily and safely reach items that may otherwise be too high.

4. Know which items you’ll need the most often. – Understanding which items you will use most often allows you to plan ahead and pack those things near the entrance of your storage unit for easy access.

5. Create an aisle of space to access everything. – Pack things along the walls and leave the middle open or simply leave an aisle of space so that nothing will be out of reach.

What storage tips do you have for organizing and optimizing your space? Let us know in the comments below!


The Compass Team